Why Does Aluminum Fuse Failure Happen in Mercedes?

by wp_germanmotorspb August 11, 2018

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Your Mercedes is a meticulously crafted, well-tuned driving machine. Unfortunately, this means that when something goes wrong, it can lead to misdiagnosed and expensive maintenance.

Mercedes cars are cherished by car enthusiasts worldwide for their luxury and superior driving experience. Due to the intricacies of such fine German engineering, it is critical to consult with a trained Mercedes professional if you have any concerns about your vehicle.

Aluminum fuse failure in Mercedes is one commonly reported issue that shouldn’t cause you much worry. It is a flaw in many Mercedes models that can be easily fixed if properly diagnosed.

How do I know?

When a fuse begins to fail in your Mercedes, it can have a lot of the same symptoms as other issues. This is why taking your car to a mechanic without specialization in Mercedes can lead to the wrong diagnoses. The worst case consequence of taking your car to the wrong mechanic is unnecessary and ineffective repairs, of course resulting in a much larger bill.

The most noticeable – and often most concerning – indication of a fuse failure is a dramatic loss in power to any electrical components in the vehicle. This could be non-essential accessories such as the radio or navigation, or critical functions such as the windshield wipers, power locks, and power windows. A fuse failure may cause either some or all of these to malfunction periodically or stop working completely. This is why it is very important to fix the issue at the very first sign of trouble before it gets worse. Any failure in the electrical system of your car can be extremely hazardous.

If you visually examine the fuses, you may find signs of corrosion on the tips. Some owners may try to jiggle the fuses back into place to temporarily fix the situation, but this is in no way a long-term solution. Moreover, it is very dangerous to tamper with your vehicle’s fuses.

Why Does Aluminum Fuse Failure Occur?

The corrosion that may be visible upon inspection is not due to your failure in properly maintaining your Mercedes. No, this is an unfortunate flaw in design that has caused a lot of drivers many headaches.

The fuse tip corrosion is due to the proximity of copper pieces to the aluminum components, an error that speeds up the weathering process in the comparatively delicate aluminum metal. The breakdown is more common in older Mercedes models that have spent more time exposed to the elements. Moisture and temperature fluctuations naturally cause this kind of weathering. The tips of the fuses are responsible for transferring the electrical current throughout your car’s electrical devices, so as they continue to degrade, functionality decreases. If there is any slight problem with one or more fuses, the entire fuse box can shut down to prevent more massive circuit damage.

In some cases, this problem can occur in newer models, though it is rare as this level of corrosion usually takes time. No matter the age of your Mercedes, only a certified Mercedes repair shop can correctly diagnose and fix this problem.

Contact the Experts

Aluminum fuse failure is not something that Mercedes Logo you can fix on your own. Moreover, since this deals directly with your car’s electrical system, it is extremely dangerous for anyone to attempt meddling with this at all. If you start to experience any problems with the electrical components in your car, the best course of action is to contact a professional immediately.

German Motors and Imports has specialized in the repair and maintenance of all Mercedes models since 1959. This is a family owned and operated shop that has garnered a solid reputation throughout San Diego, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Clairemont, CA. Our team at German Motors and Imports has seen aluminum fuse failure time and again. Since aluminum fuse failure is a fundamental fault in the materials, these fuses will need to be replaced by one of our experts. We can diagnose the problem, replace the faulty equipment, and check all vital systems to ensure there are no additional repairs needed.

Never risk the wellbeing of your luxury Mercedes to anyone who is not a certified Mercedes mechanic. Trust the expertise of German Motors and Imports.

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