Superior Mercedes Repair & Service in San Diego and Surrounding Areas Since 1959

Understanding The Differences In Service

While some mechanics may offer the same services for each Mercedes they see the truth is that that often does more harm than good. Mercedes are known for being durable vehicles that each come with a specific service plan designed to maintain optimum performance. The trained Mercedes mechanics at German Motors & Imports in San Diego, CA understand what a difference your vehicle’s maintenance program can have on your car. For over 50 years we have helped drivers get the most out of their Mercedes will making sure it remains running strong for years.

Understanding your Mercedes’ service plan allows us to work with you to find a solution that fits your car’s needs and your budget. We offer a wide array of services dedicated to your Mercedes’ performance including:

  • Brake maintenance and repairs
  • Check engine light diagnosis and repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Diesel engine maintenance
  • Heating & A/C Systems repairs
  • Exhaust system leaks and repairs
  • Tire rotations and wheel alignments
  • Theft Relevant Parts (TRP)
  • Diagnostic & Programming for Mercedes Vehicles

Each of our services are performed by trained and certified mechanics utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to further guarantee your satisfaction.

Recognizing The Warning Signs

If your Mercedes is beginning to experience unusual issues or behaviors then it may be time for repairs or maintenance a little ahead of schedule. Call German Motors & Imports to speak with one of our mechanics if you notice your Mercedes:

Fixing these and any other unusual problems right away will help make sure that your Mercedes can avoid those larger repairs that can be costly on both your wallet and your car.

Take Care Of Your Car Today

Schedule your next service appointment with German Motors & Imports to ensure that your Mercedes receives the high standard of service it requires. Our mechanics have provided superior care and service for drivers in San Diego and Clairemont for over 50 years and will always make sure that you and your car are properly taken care of.

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