Audi Catalytic Converter

What are the Causes of Catalytic Converter Clogs in Audis?

by wp_germanmotorspb April 18, 2019

A faulty catalytic converter in your Audi may not have been an issue you considered, but once it gets clogged, you’ll want to know how […]

Audi Oxygen Sensor

Why Is It Important To Replace The Oxygen Sensor Of Your Audi?

by wp_germanmotorspb November 16, 2018

Because of your appreciation of high-quality, dependable vehicles, you invested in an Audi. Audis are well made vehicles that require specialized attention to ensure they […]

Audi ABS Module Repair

How to Detect a Faulty ABS Module in Your Audi

by wp_germanmotorspb June 29, 2018

Most cars today are designed and engineered to be regulated and controlled by advanced technology. In today’s Audi models, they are largely designed with technological […]

Audi Oxygen Sensor

How To Diagnose a Faulty Oxygen Sensor in Your Audi

by wp_germanmotorspb May 15, 2018

For most drivers efficiency is one of the biggest factors that go into choosing a new car. Considering the high gas prices and high costs […]