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Volkswagen CarWith a unique set of sedans, SUVs and sports cars it’s no surprise that Volkswagens are usually near the top of year-end most popular lists. Drivers love the unique options that all display the same comfort and reliability that Volkswagen has earned their reputation with.

Maintaining these cars is more than just the same cut and paste services that overpriced big brand service centers offer and that’s why drivers love German Motors & Imports in San Diego. Our certified mechanics have over 50 years of experience working with European vehicles including Volkswagen and have seen first hand how technology has changed and improved in each model.

This makes us uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive Volkswagen services including:

Taking Care Of The Little Things

Whether you’re driving something like a Jetta or a Beetle our expert mechanics understand what services will help each model perform to their full potential. We always make sure to include these maintenance items in every service appointment that we perform:

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Complete diagnostic inspection
  • Vital fluids (oil, coolant, transmission fluid etc.) change and top-offs
  • Routine tune-ups
  • Wheel alignment and tire rotations

By keeping your car up to date with the little things the staff at German Motors & Imports will always make sure that your car is free of issues before you get back out on the road.

Finding A Solution To Any Problem

Volkswagens are known as reliable, long-lasting vehicles when properly taken care of but they are prone to performance issues just like any other car. If you are experiencing problems with your car like:

  • Timing chain/timing belt wear and tear
  • Oil sludge buildups
  • Electrical issues such as radio dying Jetta models
  • Excessive oil consumption

Call our mechanics to schedule immediate services to diagnose and repair these issues before they can become more severe.

Call Us Today

German Motor & Imports is here to help you with any service needs or questions you may have so call us today to schedule an appointment for your car. We have been the premiere service center in San Diego and Clairemont, CA for over 50 years so make sure that your next service appointment or crucial repair is with a mechanic that you can trust.

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