Reasons Behind Aluminum Fuse Failure in Your Mercedes

by wp_germanmotorspb May 21, 2019

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

If asked which brand produced the most luxurious vehicles, many people would envision a Mercedes-Benz. These high-quality cars are known for their comfort and durability owing to their big stature and heavy builds. Despite their seemingly strong nature, they are also famous for a specific electrical failure that occurs in many models over time.

While Mercedes-Benz vehicles are generally reliable in all other areas, this electrical failure is a major reason why many people find that their Mercedes-Benz suddenly stops working, for no apparent reason. Understanding this single problem, known as the aluminum fuse failure, may help you or people around you with ensuring the vehicle does not suddenly die due to a simple electrical error.

What is Aluminum Fuse Failure?

Aluminum fuse failure describes a phenomenon that occurs in many Mercedes-Benzes that is the result of aluminum metal coming into contact with copper metal, causing a reaction that destroys the fuse and consequently disable the electrical connection that is required to power the vehicle and perform essentially all functions of the car, including turning on the lights and even starting the vehicle.

This is likely the result of the metals being built too close to each other, allowing for contact. Although aluminum degradation also happens over time naturally because of contaminants entering the vehicle and reacting the aluminum, the large amount of copper metal being placed in close proximity with the aluminum fuses simply accelerates the process and therefore has led to the aluminum fuse failure in a variety of makes and models.

Since it is a simple electrical disconnection, the car will function properly sometimes yet also suddenly die sometimes. That is because the electrical connection is designed to conduct electricity properly, but when the fuses have degraded sufficiently, this connection is very fragile and can shut down unexpectedly. With something as important as provided electricity to power the vehicle and operate it, it is of highest priority that the aluminum fuse is well-maintained and treated with care.

What Can I Do about Aluminum Fuse Failure?

Once aluminum has reacted, it is not simple to repair the damage. Since the aluminum damage is inevitable, the most feasible option is to minimize the rate of corrosion and to monitor the situation so that it gets replaced before it completely fails. Although electrical work is not simple, one could potentially increase the longevity of a Mercedes-Benz by consulting a professional about minimizing the contact between the aluminum and copper parts.

One preventive measure would be to keep the Mercedes in a garage out of the rain, which is a good medium through which the copper metal can be carried towards the aluminum fuses. Another option is to not drive it unnecessarily, since extra mileage entails faster degradation of the copper metal and faster introduction of other contaminants that will speed up the process towards aluminum fuse failure.

In terms of personally attempting to fix aluminum fuse failure, the recommendation would be to leave it to the professionals. All electrical jobs are not only extremely sensitive, but also hazardous to both the equipment and the people around, since an explosion may be produced if the connection is established if even for a split second.

The Answer

To keep everyone safe and to provide the best treatment for an aluminum fuse failure, German Motors and Imports, which is convenient to San Diego, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Clairemont, CA, has the experience and professional service you need. For Mercedes-Benz, self-repairs are not simple because the parts are often specific to Mercedes-Benz. For example, the aluminum fuse module is unique to Mercedes-Benz, while other parts from other brands can sometimes be used interchangeably without any major drawbacks. With something that can potentially determine life or death, it is definitely a better choice to refrain from mixing parts.

Mercedes Aluminum Fuse Check

When your vehicle seems to be experiencing issues with its aluminum fuses, trust the professional mechanics at German Motors and Imports with all your automotive needs. We have the expertise and experience with Mercedes-Benz to get you the comprehensive analysis for your specific case and the resulting solutions that you need to get back on the road with an aluminum fuse success!

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