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Maintaining Your MINI

No luxury car depends more on their performance than a MINI. Known across the world as a luxury vehicle disguised as a compact car, MINI continually updates and upgrades everything they’re able to pack into each compact model. Drivers depend on their MINI to be properly maintained and free of issues so they can continue to enjoy superior engine performance, responsive braking and unrivaled handling and maneuverability. MINI owners in San Diego understand that it takes experience and knowledge to take care of their car and that’s why so many drivers are choosing German Motors & Imports as their go-to service center.

We offer a wide array of performance-based MINI services with dealership quality that won’t break the bank. Our mechanics are trained and experienced in routine maintenance including:

Nothing Routine About It

The experienced MINI mechanics at German Motors & Imports also make sure that even routine maintenance items are performed properly and to the full extent. Using the latest tools and equipment we are proud to offer:

  • Check engine light readings and repairs
  • Diagnostic inspections
  • Factory scheduled service appointments
  • Fluids top-offs and replacements
  • Timing belt replacements
  • Routine tune-ups

Don’t Ignore Your Car

While drivers may dread going to a mechanic it is important that you pay attention to unusual dips in performance quality or weird sounds and noises your car may begin to make. Take the time to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics if you begin to notice:

  • Issues shifting
  • Unusual noises or loud clanking sounds
  • Leaks from radiator, thermostat or water pump areas
  • Loose brake/gas pedals

Our mechanics are backed by decades of experience working with European-made vehicles and we always make sure to get the job done the right way.

Taking Care Of Your MINI

For service inquiries or to schedule maintenance with one of our mechanics please call German Motors & Imports today. We are a family owned and operated service center that has proudly serviced the San Diego and Clairemont areas for over 50 years. We’re here to assist you in any way so that you can get the quality service your MINI needs whenever it needs it.

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