Amber G.

by wp_germanmotorspb April 30, 2018

Amazing… my car has never run better and I have never felt more safe and satisfied. Here you will find a family feel (Brenda is like the crazy sister, Dave is the caring father, Bernd is the straight shooting uncle, Dick is the sharp quick-witted grandpa, Jeff and Brent are the handy hard working humorous brothers) great service, honest and knowledgeable. They treated me with respect and although I am a 20-something woman with little car knowledge they never tried to take advantage. In fact, all of them, at one point or another over the last year, have taught me something i could take away for the betterment of my car and myself. They have been in PB for longer than i have been alive and it is just a cool touch when you can get top notch automotive service plus a great recommendation on where to go for lunch. So much more than a “car shop”, they are my reliable car haven at the corner…

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