How to Deal With Gear Selector Issues in Mercedes

by wp_germanmotorspb December 20, 2018

Mercedes Gear Selector Issue

The Mercedes Benz brand is known for its optimal performance, sleek design, and smooth ride. That luxury reputation alone is what attracts many buyers to this brand. It is quite disappointing and frankly frustrating to have to deal with minor slip ups after paying so much for a car. Like many luxury vehicles, small hiccups can get in the way of perfect performance. One possible issue revolves around problems with the gear selector. This is an important issue that should not be ignored. If not addressed quickly, it could impact the health of your car and even the safety of your driving experience.

What Role Does the Gear Selector Play?

Although often looked over, the gear selector is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The gear selector is the means by which your car communicates with the transmission. It is your way of telling the car what you want it to do. In automatic transmission, the gear selector lets the car go into difference gears such as first, reverse, and neutral.

The importance of this unit working is crucial as otherwise you may end up going in reverse when you want to go forward. That could obviously be a potential hazard to those on the road. Not to mention, it could dramatically impact your transmission health, which can be an expensive fix. Needless to say, the gear selector is an important part in your vehicle, and any issues with it should be addressed quickly by a professional Mercedes technician.

Signs Of A Faulty Gear Selector

You will likely notice the signs of a faulty gear selector almost immediately. It may be increasingly difficult switching between gears. You may also experience issues with your car translating your actions with the transmission. It may become increasingly difficult for your car to switch from drive to reverse. In addition, if you experience shakes or slight movements when switching gears, you may have internal issues occuring. Finally, if your gear selector refuses to go into gear, almost like something is blocking it, you need to take your car to get servicing as soon as possible.

Many signs of a faulty gear selector range can also indicate other problems, from valve to transmission failure. Symptoms like the ones mentioned above should not be ignored.

How to Properly Manage This Problem

The first step in dealing with gear selector issues is to develop an accurate diagnosis of where this problem is coming from. When it comes to issues that directly impact the transmission, you want to be as accurate as possible. When the problem originates with with transmission wear, it’s important to keep these areas clean and in fair condition. This involves getting your transmission checked out during each routine service.

One of the primary ways to avoid gear selector issues is to take routine maintenance on your vehicle seriously. This may involve taking your car in for servicing on a regular basis as well as paying attention to how you drive. For example, it is important to the health of both your transmission and your gear selector to make sure you come to a full and complete stop before attempting to change gears. Many people fall into the habit of shifting into drive from reverse before the car has come to a complete stop, and this one bad habit can wreak havoc on your transmission.

How We Can Help

When dealing with issues related to the transmission, such as gear selection, it is imperative to get this problem handled immediately. If you let the issue slide, you may experience more expensive transmission problems down the line. As opposed to relying on fortune, why not let the experts solve your vehicle needs?

Mercedes-Benz GLC Hybrid

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