Effects of a Bad Fuel Tank Screen Filter in Your Mercedes

by wp_germanmotorspb June 15, 2018

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One of the biggest trademarks of any Mercedes vehicle is their renowned reliability and durability. For decades drivers have been able to count on their Benz to look good and feel good with each trip behind the wheel and engine performance and fuel efficiency play a large part in that experience. Your Mercedes has a fuel filter in the fuel system that is either mesh or screen and located within your car’s fuel tank. It works to protect your fuel line and fuel pump from larger pieces of dirt and debris though over time it can become clogged. It is important to recognize the signs that something is clogging your fuel tank filter or you may be faced with long-term damages and performance issues. These are just some of the effects of a bad fuel tank screen filter if left unchanged and not serviced.

Potential Problems Caused By A Bad Screen Filter

Performance Problems Including Poor Acceleration

If your fuel tank screen filter is only partially clogged your car will likely experience performance problems like weak acceleration or engine hesitations when trying to accelerate. You may only notice these issues when trying to pass by another car or driving on the highway so routine service appointments and diagnostic inspections are even more important to make sure everything is performing properly.

Engine Failure

While a partially clogged filter screen can cause some issues a completely clogged one will stop your engine altogether instantly. With fuel unable to get through to the engine it can immediately come to a stop no matter where you are making it an extremely dangerous problem to have.

Excessive Exhaust Fumes

If you’re noticing your car exhaust smells worse than usual then it may be a problem with the fuel filter. If this sounds like your Mercedes then it likely means that a certified mechanic should replace the fuel filter as soon as possible.

Problems With Injectors or Carburetor

In some Mercedes fuel filters there may be a spring-loaded bypass valve to help fuel bypass a clogged filter. While this is a great addition to your Mercedes it can lead to unique issues of its’ own. Additional engine and performance problems can occur when that excessive dirt and debris reaches the fuel injectors or your carburetor.

How To Take Care of Your Fuel Tank Screen Filter

Routine Inspections

When scheduling routine services for your car you should always include complete diagnostic inspections. Your mechanic should check to ensure that air could easily pass through your fuel filter with little to no resistance along with visibly inspecting your fuel tank screen filter for debris and obstructions.


Trained mechanics should know the limits of fuel filter performance and when to replace them according to your Mercedes’ maintenance schedule. Consider replacing it whenever the fuel pump is replaced or if it is beginning to become clogged. The screens are difficult to effectively clean so replacement will help to save you time and money.

Protecting Your Mercedes The Right Way

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Taking care of your Mercedes Benz is what the experts at German Motors & Imports have done for years. We make sure your car gets dealership quality services at far less than dealership prices. If your fuel efficiency is down or your car is beginning to sound or smell unusual then a trip to our mechanics will have your Mercedes treated as quickly as possible. We utilize the following to make sure the job gets done right no matter what it is:

  • Factory tools and equipment
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  • Manufacturer replacement parts and materials to keep your Mercedes 100% original

Any fuel system services or repairs also come with our 12-month/12,000 mile warranty guaranteeing your satisfaction. We want to make sure that you’re as confident in your car as we are.

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