Top-Notch Audi Repair & Service Provider in Pacific Beach Since 1959

Protecting Your Investment

AudiWhen you look at your Audi as an investment and not just a daily commuter it becomes easier to understand what makes service so important. You want to enjoy your vehicle for years to come and while driving it fast and pushing its’ peak performance to the limit may sound like instant gratification the lasting effects and high repair costs can lead
to years of headaches instead of enjoyment. That’s why choosing experienced mechanics like the Audi experts at German Motors & Imports near Pacific Beach is so important for your car.

Our friendly staff understands what you expect from your Audi and we provide the same quality of maintenance your car would receive at a dealership without the high costs and extended wait times. We take care of your Audi with everything from:

  • Brake repairs and services
  • Engine repair
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Diagnostic inspection
  • Emergency collision repairs
  • Radiator service and repair
  • Transmission maintenance and repair

Fine Tuning Your Audi As Needed

We also provide the routine services your Audi requires from time to time as part of your car’s specific maintenance routine. We provide drivers throughout La Jolla and Pacific Beach, CA with top-notch services including:

  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Factory recommended services
  • Full service oil and fluid changes
  • Tire rotations and wheel alignments
  • Routine tune-ups

By focusing on the little things we always make sure that your Audi stays free of larger issues so any repairs are minor and can be performed as quickly as possible.

Quality You Can Count On

At German Motors & Imports all of our services and repairs are performed by ASE certified mechanics with decades of experience working on European cars. If you’re in Pacific Beach or La Jolla and its time for your next service appointment make sure to call German Motors & Imports. We’re here to help with any emergency repairs or services that you need so please call today with any questions.