Ways to Fix a Fuel Pump Leak in Your Porsche

by wp_germanmotorspb February 9, 2019

Porsche Fuel Injection Pump

The Porsche brand is known for its luxury appeal, fast drive, and sporty design. It’s famous engine has won the hearts of car enthusiasts everywhere, making the Porsche an ideal driving option. Although at the top of the luxury food chain, the Porsche can come with a variety of malfunctions just like any other car. One of these issues includes a broken fuel pump. Because this part plays such an important part in your car’s overall performance, it is imperative to understand the parameters surrounding this issue. Let’s consider a few tips and tricks to dealing with a faulty fuel pump.

What Function Does the Pump Play?

Fuel is what powers your car’s engine. It works directly with your internal combustion device to provide the power that gets the tires moving. Without it, your car will not perform. Your car’s fuel pump works just as hard as the engine or transmission. Any time your car is operating, so is your fuel pump. It provides the energy needed for your car to operate adequately. In fact, it is the unit that holds your gas and controls where it goes. If your fuel pump is experiencing issues, it is likely due to normal wear and tear. This part is always running which means wear over time is normal.

Symptoms Of A Pump Leak

When your car is experiencing a pump leak, it may be difficult trying to pinpoint the source. One of the first symptoms is your car’s internal temperature begins to rise. This overheating could be due to your pump leaking fluid into your car’s engine. This is particularly dangerous as gasoline leaks could lead to a possible combustion. When your car loses power suddenly or under moments of acceleration, this may be a clear sign of a pump leak. This involves stuttering and jerking within your car when trying to accelerate or drive up a hill.

Another more obvious sign is a decrease in the amount of gas you get per mile. This means that the gasoline you are pumping into your vehicle is leaking directly out. This is not only a frustrating experience, but expensive one as you will constantly have the task of filling up your car. Finally, if your engine simply will not start, this may be caused by an internal leak. Once this final step occurs, it is imperative that you get your Porsche checked out immediately in order to avoid engine failure.

How to Fix This Issue

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to keep your car routinely serviced. By taking it to your local dealership or mechanic, they will be able to detect problems before they arise. Be cautious with how you put gasoline into your car and make sure every compartment is closed before driving off. Many people find replacing the pump the easiest option. However, individuals who want to spare their current pump may find do-it-yourself repairing a viable option. If you are seeking to repair, you must first find the source of your leak. Does it have to do with a level sensor, line connector, or the gasket? By determining where the leak is, you may be able to avoid a full replacement.

If the issue lies in the ring gasket, it is incredibly rare and hard to repair. Mostly because the gasket is already sealed at the pump. Because it’s secure, it is less likely to be the source of the leak. The same is true with the level sensors. They are buried deep within the internal mechanics of your vehicle. It is extremely difficult pinpointing this as the main source as it is so far inside of the car. If you are able to determine that the leak is from this area, is is wiser to replace the entire fuel pump to save time and money.

Because the Porsche vehicle is built in a particular manner, it is equipped with specific parts that are a bit different from other vehicles. Because of this, many people find it counterproductive trying to handle repair tasks themselves. They find that relying on a professional who specializes in German cars is the wisest route. This saves them both time and money. It also guarantees a safe car.

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